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BENYLIN® Children’s Chesty Cough Medicine

What it does:

BENYLIN® Children’s Chesty Coughs contains guaifenesin which helps thin and loosen mucus, and provides effective relief without causing drowsiness.

How it works:

It is sugar free and comes in a strawberry flavour. Suitable for children from 6 years.

What is a chesty cough?

Chesty coughs are caused by a build-up of phlegm and the cough mechanism kicks in to try and get rid of this excess phlegm to get it out of the body.

Can't find BENYLIN® Children's Chesty Cough?

If your local pharmacy doesn't stock BENYLIN® Children's Chesty Coughs, please ask them to order via its unique PIP code:
125ml: 347-4715

BENYLIN® Children’s Chesty Cough Medicine