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Types of Coughs

Coughing starts when part of your breathing passage becomes inflamed or irritated by matter such as dust, smoke or mucus. A cough is simply a reflex that tries to remove the irritant and to clear the airway.

BENYLIN® Types of Cough

Broadly speaking there are two main types of cough:

Productive coughs which produce excess mucus or phlegm, which can be described as 'mucus' or 'chesty'

Unproductive coughs which produce no mucus or phlegm, which can be described as 'dry' or 'tickly'

For more details on the different types of cough please click on the cough types below.



If your cough lasts longer than three weeks after a viral infection or if it’s starting to get worse instead of better you should contact your GP. You should also contact your GP when you:

  • Experience breathing difficulties
  • Experience chest pain
  • Cough up blood
  • Have other symptoms that worry you (weight loss, swelling in the neck…)

BENYLIN® is not indicated in chronic coughs.