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What it does:

BENYLIN® 4 Flu Tablets provide effective relief from flu symptoms including fever, congestion, and aches and pains.

How it works:

Diphenhydramine helps to relieve a cough and a runny nose, whilst pseudoephedrine causes the blood vessels in the nasal and sinus passages to contract and narrow, reducing congestion and the production of excess mucus.

Paracetamol helps bring down a fever and provide relief from headaches or bodily aches and pains.

Can't find BENYLIN® 4 Flu Tablets?

If your local pharmacy doesn't stock BENYLIN® 4 Flu Tablets, please ask them to order via its unique PIP code:
24s: 206-9813

BENYLIN® 4 Flu Tablets - Flu Relief Medicine